Need to send email to a Yahoo Contacts Group?

After installing eM Client I got all my Yahoo contacts showing and they are sorted by “category” (which I understand is eM Client equivalency of a Yahoo Contacts Group) but I can’t seem to select a “Category” when I try to send an email to this contact group.
I have huge contacts groups and I can’t really add 87 people individually in the “To” fields of an email.

Anyway I can send an email to a Yahoo contacts group?

yes unfortunately sending emails to a category of people is not possible.
What you can do though is select all the contacts in the category, right click the selection and create a distribution list.
With distribution list you can send the emails to all the people included in it.

I hope this was a helpful answer, thank you.

It does not work. Somehow when I select all the contacts, their emails are all blanked out. These emails were added to a Yahoo List on the Yahoo website.

Interestingly, I can select other Yahoo Contacts I have and if they have not been included in a Yahoo List then their emails show up and the workaround you gave me then work.

So, somehow, the fact that I want to create a eM Client distribution list which is an equivalent of a Yahoo List is preventing me to use the workaround you suggested.

I’ve said this in another forum topic, can you please send me an email to [email protected], with description of the issue.

Thank you,

Need it too!
Although, I work with Gmail Contacts Groups. Is it email to them?

Hi, if you want to email a group of contacts, you have to create a “distribution list” in eM Client, select the contacts from your group and right click the selection, select “New distribution list” and all the selected contacts should be included. Rename the distribution list to your preferences and type in the distribution list’s name into the To field, while composing a new message.

This way, you should be able to send the message to a group of people.

Hope this helps,

Thanks for the advice, but that I knew already, the same I can do in Thunderbird, etc. 

I/we need the email to Gmail contact Groups. I see in the eM Client’s Contacts page the Gmail groups shown, but it is not possible to send an email directly as I can do in Gmail. Is it possible to have this feature ?

It is not possible to send an email to a group/folder of your contacts, you have to create the distribution list in order to send the message to the selected senders.


Ok, got it.

I am trying to do something similar to these postings… I understand I need to create a distribution list and so I’ve exported the Gmail group which I called “RREA” to a file on my desktop. So how do I import the file into a distribution list??? I tried creating an attachment in the distribution list, but that didn’t work.