Need to re-register eM Client

Hi: I installed eM on a new Netbook and paid $49.95; I just did it a few days ao. The Netbook was brand new but it “blew up”, went DOA. I have to send it back for an exchange and a new Netbook. How do I register a new install on the new Netbook? All the info was on the HD on the “blowed up”, returned Netbook. My name is: CHARLES ROYE, DOWNINGTOWN, PA 19335, 610-269-6591, EMAIL:CROYE@NNI.COM. Can you send me my activation key code? Thanks, Charles Roye

Hello, original activation key was sent to Is this address still actual? I’ve just sent an activation code to address CROYE@NNI.COM too.

I have not received anything. Please resend and I will check junk mail folders too. Thanks a lot,Charles Roye

WHOA!! I just got it at, but it was “way up” in my “junk” file. Most junk doesn’t get caught at all, but OF COURSE, THIS was sent to junk! SO, all is cool, THANKS A LOT, Charles Roye