Need to move POP email back up the the server!!! I had the client delete from server....

I need to understand how to sync the email I POP’d back up to the server.  I am using Yahoo email, I thought this application was using IMAP.  Instead I popped all email now none is one the server and need to move these emails back up the Yahoo server.

I am desperate!

Hello Jason,
the Automatic setup will detect your server’s default protocol setting (which, for your yahoo might be POP).
I suggest making a copy of your downloaded messages (Select all and copy them into your Local folders or Export them to EML files (File>Export)).
Then go and set up your account manually as IMAP.
Go to Tools>Accounts.
New Account.
Instead of Automatic set up, go to Mail>Other.
Use Yahoo settings for IMAP Servers from here.
After the account synchronizes, move the messages back from Local folders/EML files and remove your POP account settings from Accounts.


Thanks Olivia! That makes sense.