Need the ability to roll back updates easily.

Given as how many issues occur after an update, the ability to roll back to a prior version would be a big plus. If the installer could back up the earlier installation prior to installing the new version, then there should be a way to roll back.

Issues occur only will happen after release, people need to be reported in order to know. But, I agree with you on the roll back. At the moment, the problem lies within the database. Once new version does the upgrade, old version of eM cannot access it. As for the actual program, if you download the program instead of doing an automatic update, you would have the installer to the old program.

To sum up, back-up your database before update, and download the installer instead of using the automatic update.

I did backup the database, then installed using the stand alone installer…but after rebooting and opening the program, it just froze up. When someone has figured out a way to install the updates without issues I will be happy to update. In the meantime, I simply do not have the time to be doing this…testing this update on a variety of systems was clearly not done properly before it’s release. The beta version could not connect either. Interestingly, when attempting to restart the software after thinking it had been shut down, I got an error message saying communication failed as another instance was running. Sure enough, in processes there were two instances running, only one of which I could terminate…forcing a hard shutdown.

Not sure, I have no problem running the beta, and frankly this was a lot better than 3.5 version and it variant.

If I were to rename the database folder with the application not running and then update it should force creation of a new database…at that point how would I go about importing the contents of the old database?

Database of eM Client don’t work that way. Even if you created a new database, when you copy it back, it will go back to the way it was. Keep old database prior upgrade is to maintain the backward compatibility in case you want to revert back to the old version of eM, since eM has no backward compatibility with its database.

If you want to revert back to the older version that was working for you, give me the exact version number and I’ll provide you the download link.

Not necessary. I have the file and can restore from an image backup if necessary. The company would like me to do some legwork for them, but each time I go through this it takes up valuable time from my business. I would hope that they can figure this out on their own.