Need Help Reinstalling Activation Key

I have a 3 User License. Had a crash on one computer. Had to reinstall operating system and eM Client from scratch. Went to reenter my Activation Key and it says I have exceeded my Users. How do I delete the old registration and add my new version to my Account.?

Hello Tyler,

We apologize for the inconvenience. The license needs to be manually deactivated through the license manager at We’re very sorry but it is currently only possible to access the license manager through Internet Explorer. We’re working on a new licensing system that should be released soon.
You received the login details in the e-mail with your activation key upon purchase. If you can’t find it, plase contact me at [email protected] with the e-mail that you registered the licenses for and I’ll resend the details to you.
To deactivate the license, please see the Activations tab and click on the Deactivate button.

Please let us know how it went.