Need font size 11 in mail templates and signatures

As this is the perfect size for composing messages, can this be included in the upcoming versions ?

Maybe it’s already possible to do now.

  1. Go to Tools --> Settings --> Mail --> Templates and signatures

  2. Click on [mail templates…]

  3. click on [add]

In the ‘new template’ window it seems not possible to change the font size to 11 in the top right corner.

But I was able to change the font size to 11 in the left column.

See screen shot:


That worked Hans. Thanks a lot !!

I am marking this as implemented.



My problem is, that it isn’t working with the signature (the 11Pt-Fontsize).
I’m able to manage everything to 11Pt except the signature.
Isn’t it possible?

Cheers J.

Not quite sure what you’re suggesting, is 11 not possible to select from the list - note this is because 11 isn’t default font-size and needs additional css handling to show font in this size. That’s why it’s not included on the list to support default plain-text formatting options and keep sent messages compatible with most webmail/offline clients.

We’re however working on an improved version of eM Client which will resolve these missing options.