need download previous version

I have Trouble since the latest update to Version 6.0.24316.0:
Each time I close down my windows 10.1, it refuses because eM-Client has trouble closing down. This is really intolerable!
HOW can I get the previous Version for download, to “downgrade”?

Issue 2: This was alredy on the previous version: eM-Client prevents closing down Windows 10.1, each time when I first closed eM-Client and then windows. My workaround until now was to close Windows while eM-Client is still running.

This bug should be easily to fix, because the only action I needed to do (whenever I had forgotten my workaround) was this: Cancel the windows-shutdown, just in order to ‘accept’ two complain-windows which eM-Client had caused to pop up, and then again close windows.

Hi Stefan,
can I ask if you have the option to ‘Minimize application to tray’ checked? Sounds like eM Client is perhaps not being exited when you close the window. Though it should not interfere as much with turning off Windows.
Can you share the content of the generated errors?