Need a way to exclude POP from autodiscovery


It would be really helpful if there was a way to direct the autodicovery to disregard POP as a possible protocol when using this feature.  The problem my clients have (I install it for them or give them a link to install it for themselves) is that they put in their email address and the servers for one specific provider always seems to return the POP settings.  

The issue is that this provider supports IMAP and even recommends it as the primary protocol however it seems that the POP is what is set in their autodiscovery (at least the part of autodicovery that em Client uses first).

This leads to virtually every person setting up their email being setup with the inferior POP. 

The provider is the UK’s largest provider (BT Internet) and so this happens all the time and is really annoying.  It means that I then have to show them how to delete the settings and set up an account manually which kind of defeats the purpose.  I will then also have to charge them for my time which makes them dislike em Client from day 1 because of this.

It would be good to have an advanced option to say “Ignore POP for Autodiscovery” or give a dialogue box that warns the user he is going to get POP setup and that he might want to check if IMAP is available with his provider before continuing so that at least it can then fail. 

Would this be possible please?

You can test it yourself by setting up a new account to or someting similar.  It will set it up as POP on 110.  This is also not correct as when you read the BT help pages it is clear that it should be port 995 with SSL.

there is no point telling me that I need to tell BT to change their autodiscover settings - BT is a behemoth and will not change this.  

It would not be too difficult for emClient to have a lookup table for the main countries and their top 5 players which could be used to override these providers settings with the settings that would be best for the customer and not some old settings that are in some old autoconfig settings.  I suspect it may be set like that so that BT do not have to store a ton of IMP emails on their servers - fair enough for BT but this is not the best settings to use from the customer standpoint and should be overridden where possible.

This configuration file could enven be left blank so that folk like me who help other folk setup emClient could simply send the config file to their customers and they could pop it into the right folder prior to first launch.



Thank you for the feedback, we’ll definitely take this under consideration and let you know if we plan to include the option in V7 full release.