Navigation settings when viewing/deleting emails

I am really enjoying this client. However, I find it is annoying when I am going through my emails and I delete them, by default, eM Client opens up the next email. This can be dangerous especially when viewing emails marked as Spam.

Rather than opening up the email after the previous one is deleted, is there an option to go back to the main email menu where all my emails are?

That’s normally how emails clients locally work. If you delete an email the next email normally shows / previews as it moves up the list automatically.

Web based emails are different as they don’t automatically read untill you open / preview them.

Might be a feature request.

Lol. Actually NO. That’s NOT how email clients normally work!!

I’ve used Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, and more. They either don’t open up the email natively after deleting the existing one or moving it to another folder, there’s always an option if it’s not done by default. Fortunately, by default, it rarely does that because it’s a security risk.

And the feature actually exists in eM Client, it’s just buried. It’s hiding in SETTINGS, and it’s an option called close original message window after deleting the message. You’re welcome. :laughing:

You didn’t say you were opening your messages in a separate window. That is what that setting is for, which is in the Read settings, where it would be expected to be, not buried.

By default, eM Client displays the message in the preview pane, and there is no setting to change what it does after deleting the displayed message.

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In case you’re interested, I very rarely visit my spam folder, but when I do decide to take a peek, I don’t delete any of the messages. That way there is no chance of the client opening another message as you have experienced. Instead I rely on my server to retain the messages in that folder for only a few days. Maybe your provider offers similar settings and this approach could work for you as well.

Another thing to be aware of is eM Client’s privacy settings. If the spam sender is not in your whitelist, and you have the appropriate settings selected in Menu > Settings > Mail > Privacy, there are no security concerns. No links or linked content will be accessed by inadvertently opening a spam message.