Navigation Bar Customisation & Wasted Space

Currently the collapsed Navigation bar essentially seems like wasted space. You need to expand it to navigate between folders and otherwise it really seems to serve no purpose.
Below is a comparison with Outlook which shows named Search Folders alongside the main Inbox with unread items. I think eM Client should really include these features to allow more streamlined access to your email.

I agree that would be a useful option.

What version of eM Client are you using, and how are you collapsing the left sidebar?

When you hover over the right hand border of the Nav bar the cursor changes to the resize arrows. If you make it as narrow as possible then you get the collapsed bar.
You can expand it again with the > caret at the top, but to collapse you need to drag resize as there is no corresponding < caret.
Version 7.1.31849.0 

Thanks, I was interested to see how you were collapsing it. For a long time I have been hoping that someone would discover an undocumented shortcut. :slight_smile: