När jag skickar ett gruppmail där även jag ingår kommer mitt mail i skräppost. Vad ska jag göra för att få den i inkorgen

mail till mig själv kommer i skräppost

Not sure why you would want to include your own address as a recipient in a message you are sending, but anyway . . .

I think that some servers classify email with the same from and to address automatically as spam. Maybe try sending it to a different address that the one you are sending it from.

När jag skickar ett e-postmeddelande till mig själv i Telias webbmail. Meddelandet kommer tillbaka till min inkorg.
När jag skickar ett e-postmeddelande till mig själv från eM-klienten. E-postmeddelandet kommer tillbaka till min skräp e-post. Något har hänt för det har inte varit så tidigare. Finns det någon inställning som jag inte hittat, som styr min egen post till inkorgen istället?
När jag skickar mail till andra personer kommer det i deras inkorgar.

Are you using a signature in eM Client? If you are, disable it and see if there is any difference. Many servers identify signatures as indicative of spam and move the message accordingly.

But anyway, sending from a webmail interface is not the same as sending from an email client. Maybe contact your provider and ask them to disable spam identification where from and to addresses are the same, but you may cause an uproar with other users as most spam is sent like that.

You can also check that you have not created any Rules that move the message to Junk. If it is there, the Blacklist Rule can do that. Edit the Rule and make sure that you have not mistakenly added your email address to it’s list.

Something else you can check is to send yourself a message and then immediately close eM Client. You need to be fast. Then login to your email account using the web interface and see where the message is. If it is in the spam folder, then it is definitely your server that is moving the messages. You will need to ask them for assistance on that.

At the end of the day, why are you sending yourself messages anyway? If you send out a message to others, there is no need to include your own address in with the recipients as the message will be in your Sent folder already. And if you do manage to successfully send yourself a message, all you end up with is a duplicate message - one in Sent one in Inbox.