Name of font disappeared

The name of a font disappeared from eMclient.
In the drop down list of fonts, when composing an email, the name of one of the fonts disappeared.  In its place is a blank, yet if I go to that blank place, the name of the font appears under the cursor. The blank space should read Cambria Math.

Hi Dan,
What version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you please check for the exact version number in Help > About? Can you also check if you have the latest available version of internet explorer installed on your computer?

Thank you,

eM Client version 6.0.21034
Internet Explorer 10 ( I prefer NOT to change to version 11 )

Hi again Dan, unfortunately eM Client has been built on some of IE’s components, so in order to make it work properly it is important to keep Internet Explorer up to date, as some of the application’s issue may reflect on eM Client.

However, we’re currently working on an upcoming release of the application which should helps us improve the application’s behavior in such case.


Rather than wait for a new release which may or may not help, what else is there to do?  Install a new download of your program on top of the old?  Uninstall the program and reinstall a new download?  Can the file in em client that contains the font names be edited, what is its name (my fonts in Win all have their names intact, the problem thus seems to be not in Win, but in em client)?
Will the any of the above make my data files and / or preferences, or setup, damaged?

To tie em client to what has been and still is a junk browser, not a great idea, for example:
This from CNET
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November 12, 2014  |   By flauntmedia

Version: Internet Explorer 11


um not worth the hassle


it will rewrite the code to your other browsers making them useless.
its sluggish
its always sending your browsing history to vendors without your consent even after you have set the setting for them not to share your browsing history.
limited access to web based games
it will send vendors information related to the type of hardware you have as a computer from component to component


sure its free with a pc operating system, but its pure 100% grade ‘A’ junk

Why would you rely on IE - I DO NOT use the damned thing.  Any version since 2000 has been bloated, intrusive and downright destruction for the most part.  Seems to me there would have to be something better than relating any application to IE. 

Hi, eM Client is built on .NET framework, which is pretty common framework to build your applications for windows on. However as this framework was released by Microsoft, and essentially IE is a core application of Windows, we’re forced to use some of the system components.

By not updating your Internet Explorer you’re not updating system components. Some of them may have bugs or cause issues in your system, not only in eM Client but in any application built on this framework. Using Internet Explorer for some the application’s features is a must as the application is connected to the internet on daily basis, as you need to download your emails etc.

I’m using IE on my computer and it is not causing any major issues, however I understand your concerns.

Solution for this issue at this point is to update IE, before updating the application we can’t proceed.

Future releases of eM Client should use webkit for these features.


All things considered, as some others have reported, the most recent IE 11 is not something to want on ones system.  So even if em Client prefers it, I’d rather pass on em Client than introduce MS garbage / spy into my system, see responses of others.  I’ll wait a while and see what your company comes up with in the next release, if that doesn’t fix my concern …

An additional concern:  My database size grew to over 100 Megs, so I used the export feature to remove more than half the stored emails.  Then I deleted those emails from the file folder they were in, in em Client.  Yet the daily backup is now still over 100 Megs and growing.  I looked for a “compact database” feature, I couldn’t find that.  What to do to reduce the database size within em Client to reflect the reduced size of the emails within it?  Than you.

If you remove data from the database, the database will be reduced eventually, however you can use this utility to reduce the size immediately.

Hope this helps.