Mystery of the Disappearing Email Module Window

After a couple of years of using eM Client with no problems, I suddenly cannot see or access the entire email window. The email window seems to try to load when I launch eMClient because I can briefly see what I would describe as the naked “skeleton” or frame of the email inbox window, but then it immediately disappears and all I see is a blank screen in the middle with the error message: “This folder contains no items and no operations can be performed.” When I look at the left column there is no email or inbox option, only Calendar, Tasks and Contacts, as well as Widgets. The left and right hand columns appear as normal, and if I enter the Contacts, Calendar or Tasks windows everything seems fine, but I cannot see the email window. I’ll try attaching a screen grab of this below.

I see occasional bubble notifications of new incoming emails, and can open an individual email message if I click on the notification bubble quickly enough, but I still cannot see any sign of the Inbox at all. My email server is operating normally as I am able to access it via the web portal with no problem.

I am running version 5.0.1825.0 on a PC running Windows Vista. I have rebooted my PC, and I have deleted eMClient, downloaded another version, and reinstalled, but the same problem persists.

Can anyone please help me fix this disappearing email window problem?


This looks very weird as eM Client does not contain any code to hide all windows…

anyway since this happened please try uninstall routine once again but now after uninstall manually delete “eM Client” folder in
C:\Users\your name\AppData\Roaming (this is very important as this deletes all configuration data etc.)

then download newer setup.exe file…
and make fresh install from it.

please keep me updated if this solve the problem


Right click on the “Calendar” header and tick “Mail”. Hope it helps you.

Thank you George & George.- that right click fixed it! So simple when you know how!

I appreciate your help.


I am sorry for my unnecessary difficult way and I am glad that my colleague’s way served your cause as well.


No problem, Jan. I appreciate your efforts to help regardless. That was pretty much what I had tried to do already, so it was a relief to learn about the right click thing. Hopefully this will help someone else in the future!