MYOB email addreses not showing in EM client 8

Perhaps this has been addressed in this forum but I don’t know what to even search.

This is a new problem. It just started after updating to EMclient 8.

The problem is that a program on my computer (MYOB) sends emails via EMclient. The attachment(PDF) comes across to emclient. The message composed in the program comes accross to emclient. But the email address disappears and is shown as a empty address bar.

mailto: links on browsers seem to work correctly.

Any suggestions on how to fix?

Did you find a solution to fix this issue?

Hi oZSlayer. No I didn’t find a solution. Only a work around. Copy the email address in MYOB and paste it when it shows the error.

We worked that work around out earlier, still a complete waste of time. Will update here if we work it out.
Would be nice if The tech support here would investigate the issue?

Agreed mate. Not even a cricket from the mods.

To get Support in involved with this, please open a support ticket directly with eM Client. They usually get back to you within a day (excluding weekends), but if they do not respond to your ticket after a reasonable time, increase the priority of the ticket.

Otherwise, if you do not have a Pro License, as per the license agreement you already accepted, you are not entitled to support from the company, though they do monitor and occasionally comment on this forum.

I have opened a support ticket as it is the paid version, Would save everyone time, if a solution was provided here already 4 months ago when it was 1st reported.