My wishlist and found bugs in version 7

  1. Assign signatures to identity (now I have to choose it from menu everytime I compose message).
  2. Possibility to enter fragment of e-mail address (for example only domain) in message rules.
  3. Possibility to put signature below quoted message (now I can put it only above).
  4. “Send again/open message to edit” feature. Now I have to “forward message as original” and enter recipient address everytime.
  5. Templates Folder working as Drafts but without deleting after send.
  6. Search doesn’t find all messages if I enter fragment of e-mail. I have to put * marks to find all messages.
  7. Very weak spam analysis. There’s no analysis by content (only by e-mail or whole domain).
  8. Printing to PDF only as image (in every virtual PDF printer).

Sorry for my English :slight_smile:

thank you for your feedback, let me just address your points, so it’s clear which are a valid feature request and which are already resolved in eM Client.

  1. you can already assign these.
    Just go to Menu>Tools>Settings>Mail>Templates and Signatures section.
    Select account and then assign signature to it. Repeat for other accounts.

  2. Domains can be used in rules. Enter it instead of a full addresss as

  3. You can set the whole reply to be either above or below the replied/forwarded message. This cannot be set just for signature alone and is not a planned feature to be added.

  4. Not a currently planned feature. The ‘Forward message as original’ is the designed workaround.

  5. It is a standard to remove a Drafted message after its finished and sent. If you wish to keep it, you can copy it to another folder first. Or can you specify more what you mean/ how you imagine this to work?

  6. More concrete information would be useful here. What mail account do you experience the problem with Search on? If it is an IMAP account, do you download all messages for offline use?

7.  We believe that Spam should be filtered directly on the server so eM Client includes only one default Spam rule that moves messages marked by Spam Assassin as spam to the Junk folder. 
Besides this option you can always blacklist an email address/domain by clicking the button “Move to Junk” and choosing the option “Move to Junk and blacklist email/domain”.

In case you want to use a 3rd party application for mail filtering we can recommend MailWasher or Spamihilator.

  1. A reason for why this would be needed could help our developers in deciding if we would try implementing this change.


Thank you.
Ad.1. Ok but how to assign signature to aliases (not whole account)?
Ad.2. Ok now it works.
Ad.3. It’s a pity becouse it’s nice feature in other mail clients.
Ad.4. It’s very pity becouse I use it dozen of times everyday and manually enter e-mail adrdess every time causes lost a lot of time. It’s very simle function so maybe you’ll think about it again?
Ad.5. It’s very simple. The only difference between the Drafts would be such that after sending the message does not disappear.
Ad.6. If I put fragment of domain (for example search doesn’t return all mails contains in address. I have to put * to get all e-mails (with * prefix).
Ad.7. It’s a pity. Other mail clients have built-in spam assistant with content analysis.
Ad.8. This is a bug. Every software which I use is printing to searchable PDF (regardless of virtual  printer software).

 1. Adding signatures to aliases is not possible at this time, but I believe it’s already on our feature request list, so, perhaps it will appear in future versions.

  1. That is also a designed behaviour, if you want to serach using just part of the word (at the end of the word) you need to use the asterisk symbol, or exact fit for the world will be looked for.

  2. I see, I misunderstood - I thought you wanted to print the pdf as image, since I was sure our software didn’t do so.
    After testing it, it seems this feature is currently broken. I consulted this with our team and the issue is with the new chromium core.
    So, yes, we are aware of this bug and are working on a solution.

Rest of your points are feature requests and our developers will consider them when they go through the forum ideas.


Ad.6. Ok I understand but in most cases we want to find some mails by typing fragment of subject, e-mail address ot sth. Maybe you could add option to search fragment kof subject, address etc. without * ?
Ad.7. Great to hear this :slight_smile:

Maybe you could add some poll with features? Let users vote what they want :slight_smile:

Hello Buko,
the Idea threads on this forum can be voted for and we do check these votes when we consider new features.