my windows 10 laptop crashed and I had to re-install everything. I now am having problems to get my old e-mail address back.

Windows 10 reinstall

Hello Thomas,
you can download eM Client for free on our website -
If you cannot locate your license key, it can be retrieved here -

If you lost passwords to your email accounts you need to contact your mail provider or search their page for recovery options.



my windows 10 laptop crashed and I had to renew all my programmes including my e-mail programme eM Client.

I have installed the free programm and received the ‘‘welcome to eM Client’’, e-mail.

I now need to receive my e-mails, which I have not received, since my laptop crashed about 10 days ago.

From the eM Client programm, if I was to go to Menu, Extras, Account, I can see my two e-mail addresses, on the left and the address above has the star as my main e-mail address. 

Why cant I receive my lost e-mails?

It could be that the password I keep entering is not correct but where is the link for ‘‘Lost your Password?’’.

It is also a bit frustrating, not being an IT expert, to know what to do for the best?

Hoping you can help.

T. Harrison

Hello Thomas,
I am having trouble understanding your issue as it seems your accounts are setup in eM Client already.
Is there any error message? Can you please copy it?
How are the email addresses setup? Are they POP/IMAP mail accounts?

the error message I get is as follows (cant copy and paste!),

SMTP Connection to did not work. I then have two Options: 1. open account 2. ignore.

When I go to Menu, extras, accounts, the

SMTP is as follows: Host: Port: 587. Security: SSL/TLS enforced. 

IMAP is as follows: Host: Port: 993. Security: SSL/TLS Legacy

XMPP is as follows: Host: Port: 5223. Domain:

Who is the mail provider if not Google? I can go onto my Google account no Problem!

sorry for being an obsolute dummy on these things!

Thanks for your help.


by the way have tried to send an E-Mail but didnt work and is still in the out tray!

Hello Thomas,
no problem, thank you very much for copying the error and setup.
It seems very strange that a GMX mail account would use GMAIL mail servers. Was this an automatically found setup? Or did you do so automatically?

When I look for mail servers settings I found these:, GMX Mail IMAP  port993  (alternative: 143), GMX Mail IMAP  TLS/SSL  required:  yes  (if you use port 143: no), GMX Mail SMTP port: 25 (alternative: 465), GMX Mail SMTP TLS/SSL required: no

Can you please try these?

Have changed the Settings as advised. IMAP: port 993, SSL/TLS Legacy. SMTP: Port 25, SSL/TLS Legacy

I can only assume the settings before were automatically created as I do not have the knowledge to do it myself

Now on the accounts page, the diagnose is working for IMAP & SMTP, going through all the differing possible settings but after a while comes: an E-Mail Server has been recognized but the account details are incorrect. Would you like to try again with a different Password or user name?

Have deleted one E-Mail so that only one is in the account.

I have also seen: for autodiscover a password is required. But no matter which password I type in, apparently its always the wrong one!!

I think my problem is the password which is not recognized for whatever reason and I cant see a way out, do you?

I can see me forgetting everything and changing to an other E-Mail Programme!

Thanking you again

T. Harrison

Hello Thomas,
I see, setting up the account anew with automatic setup might be the best way, but if your password does not work it wont be possible.
Maybe it even explains the issue with eM Client, since the password in it might not be valid.
Have you tried looking into possibilities for GMX password recovery?
I found one page for accounts and for, not sure if either of these can be applied for accounts?