My sugestions to improve EmClient

I have been using EmClient for some time, before I used the PostBox program for several years. I have some suggestions that I think will make the program even better.

  1. Compared to Postobx, I miss the option of creating shortcuts to my favorite folders, such shortcuts should be able to be created above the message list, and under the buttons Reply, Forward, Mark, etc. it is a very nice idea to improve navigation around the program.

  2. The second suggestion is that the folders on the list should have the same color as the messages from this folder in the message list.

  3. The conversation’s appearance should be configurable. Now, at the top of the conversation, we see a button that shows older messages. There is no option that shows all the messages in the thread collapsed, i.e. you can see the same header with email addresses and dates of receipt, and a view in which all expanded messages are visible.

  4. Please add option “Search with Google” in context menu RMB in selected text.

  5. A good option would be if after selecting the text in the message and after clicking the reply button, the newly created mail would be only selected text from the message to which I answer and the signature defined under the selected text.

I hope you will like the ideas.