My sent emails remain in my outbox. They have gone as people have received them but stay in my outbox and nothing in my sent box

My emails go to the recipient  but stay in my outbox and do not transfer or copy across to my sent both which makes me doubt they have gone but on checking they have. Have ticked box copy to sent box but not stopped the problem

I have the same problem. For the time being , I just right click on the message in the “Out” box and slide it into the “Sent” box

Hello Dawn,
we are currently trying to resolve this issue.
It would be very helpful if you could enable ALL logging for this account (Menu>Tools>Settings>Advanced).
Restart eM Client.
When the issue happens again/if you manage to replicate it go to Advanced settings, click ‘Send logs’ but change the recipient of the message to

If you add the link to this forum topic in the body I could get back to you here after we find solution.

Thank you.


same problem here

actually all emails I want to send gets stuck in the outbox, they do not appear in my sent folder

Hello Belal,
setting up and sending the logs as described above would be very helpful in resolving this issue.


Hi Olivia,

my email seems to be working fine today !?! So, I will email you my logs when the problem re-surfaces.