My program, ver 6.0 21372 doesn't have an import data option and it doesn't have an import .contact option.

The fix you’ve given to import contacts from Windows Mail is to select data. My program, ver 6.0 21372 doesn’t have an import data option and it doesn’t have an import .contact option. I am trying to import my Windows Mail contacts. In addition, it doesn’t allow me to search where this data is to be found (on my networked computer) and simply gives me an error that data I wish to import isn’t on this computer. This is a new computer with windows 8.1 and windows mail can’t be put on this computer, so this import method will never find my data as it’s on a different networked computer. The reason I want your email program is because windows mail is not longer available, yet, I can’t import my contacts.

When importing data from Windows Live Mail, you should be able to choose one of the following:

  • Import whole accounts
  • Import selected folders
    To import specified data from selected folders, use the second option. Importing accounts will only transfer your account information and synchronize the account with the server, however no local data will be imported.


This does not work because windows mail is not on this computer. My windows mail and the contacts are on a networked computer. This program does not give me a choice of method of import, because windows mail can’t be found on this computer. I get that error and can’t proceed. I’m dead in the water without windows mail being on the computer I’m working on and that is impossible. You need to be able to select the location one is transferring from.

Hi again Krissy, unfortunately it is not possible to import data from Windows Live, unless the application is installed on your computer. However if you’re using an IMAP account, you should be able to synchronize the account with the server, and download any available data by simply setting up the IMAP account in eM Client.


That’s too bad. I really liked your interface but without being able to import my contacts, I have to uninstall and find something else. Please post when you are able to as I like your interface.

Hi Krissy & Paul
Krissy is talking about Windows Mail, Paul is talking about Windows Live Mail?
Which is correct?
Isn’t there a way for eM Client to import the contacts exported by Win Mail/Live Mail.

Yes, maybe Windows (Live) Mail can export it’s contacts as .CSV files, or an Excel file, which can be imported by eM Client.

Krissy, it is not possible to import the data without having the application installed, you can easily import your data by installing WLM on your computer. You can also import your data from standard files such as .eml for email messages, .ics for calendars etc.


Win Mail & WLM can export contacts as csv & vcf