My PC is not able to sync with eM Client

I’m using Versioln 7.0.26482.0 
I am continuously getting Error messages when eM Client tries to sync with Gmail as well as Hotmail.  This time, it was my Hotmail Contacts.  Please see the screenshot.

I just received this message as well:

…and now:

I’m pretty sure you get the idea. 
Thank you so much for you help.  I’m really at a loss.

Hello Lisa,
seems like a third party application is blocking eM Client.
Please add eM Client to your exceptions in your antivirus software and WIndows Firewall.

As for the hotmail issue, the problem is with the Calendar being accessed using AirSync.

AirSync is a mail protocol that has been discontinued by Microsoft. All hotmail and adresses are being migrated to Exchange protocol.
You will need to remove your account from eM Client and then either set ip up as Exchange OR keep the IMAP account and disable AirSync protocol (and Calendar and Contacts with it) in the Tools>Accounts window until your account is migrated to Exchange.

To set up your account manually go to Tools>Accounts > New Account and instead of Automatic setup choose Mail>Exchange.


I have previously attempted to use EM client but gave up in frustration, so I thought version 7 would solve the problems, but as before I am also receiving similar errors. My account is on Exchange
If I use the automatic set up I get the errors as per screen shot.
I have attempted to set up using Exchange (as above) but each time I get a message stating “The server was found, but authentication failed. Check the email address and password” the email address and password are correct!
I need my contacts synced so IMAP is no good to me.

Please check my reply in the following post and see if that might be the cause of your issue:

(edited to clarify response)

Thanks maddie, I didn’t actually have two factor authentication on that particular account so that reminded me to set it up, and your link explained that very clearly.

The actual problem was when I attempted to set up using Exchange, the box titled “user name” needed my email address again NOT my actual name. 
eM Client need to make that more obvious.

  Your information here proved to be just what I needed, thank you so much!