My opinion about emClient

Hi there!

Let’s start with the first opinion directly: Woaw!

EmClient is truly a very good email client, and I really surprised how fast it is, how reactive it stays even when connected to our imap box that is over 15go… None of the other clients I have tested so far could keep up nicely with such an imap box.

It automatically imported my Thunderbird params and it worked! Why did I leave Thunderbird? Because TB is bad on Windows 10 and they don’t want to listen even though it’s been over 10 months I’m on Windows 10.

It even connected to our old icloud calendars without problems! It’s awesome!

The look and feel? Well, let’s say it, Office/Outlook wasn’t far for the graphists when the actual layout was decided, but it doesn’t bother me, I like MS Office… Why don’t I use it then? Because it lacks connectivity to Google, icloud, contact and can’t handle move/rename nicely without crashing the inbox.

Buuuuuut, still, I won’t buy now… And that makes me sad panda… There are some features that we definitly need and TB was the only one that could really provide: quick texts… Of course, you have templates, but they are bugged when answering, they turn the answered message into the font/colors/size of your template… And they don’t provide auto date insert and not html content either.

I’m talking about Thunderbird “Quicktext” plugin. Type “msg” followed by space and the predefined action occurs for this command you created. Easy, I want to add, like about 200 times + a day a line at the end like “For any further questions please contact our sale support.\r\nKind regards\r\nBlablabla” I just type “kr + space” and it inserts it.

When moving an email to a subdirectory, as we keep at least 2 years of communication with our customer, on other clients it keeps in mind where you did move the last. So when right clicking on another email to move, the contextual menu should propose “Move again to 2015-08-10 - Emclient”. Emclient doesn’t propose that, and moving 100th of emails a day is quickly a pain, as we always move the question and the answer in a newly created directory. So it takes 3-4 more times on emClient to do so.

Voilà, I think I said it all. A very good client, if those little details were to see light at any point, we’d surely think about using it at work, but till then, I guess we’ll need to hope TB does debug on Windows 10

Hello Laurent, Quick Text feature will be included in an upcoming release of eM Client 7, along with many other features however, it’s behaviour may be completely different from what you’re used to from Thunderbird.

Thank you for your suggestions and options for implementation, we’ll consider improving the other features as well for future releases.


Hi Paul!

Thank you for your fast reply! Can’t wait to see all these nice features on emClient 7! Is there any suggested wait time? Is it more like month or years? Saw the annoucement for 6 was made 2 years ago, so I guess. I totally get it if you can’t say though :slight_smile:

Hello again, we’ll share more details about the upcoming release soon, we’re working hard on the new release, however as we want to make sure everything is in order before we release the new version. Follow us on Facebook or twitter to stay updated.

Sure, done (G+)!

I’ve asked money unlock for 5 pro lifetime licences for our small office

Thank you again and keep up the good work!