my name is Angie Hayes my emclient has crashed please help

i am a private user & my license hasnt expired

can someone please talk to me

Same thing happened to me. I am suddenly locked out for no reason. Nothing in their help search.

where do we go from here no one will talk to me

Angelina, you said that your application crashed. Do you have an error that gives more detail? What happens when you restart the application?

Greg, can you explain a bit more by what “locked out” means? Can you not open the application, and if so what error do you get?

This is a user supported forum. That means that users will assist you in solving your problems. It may be that because of different time zones your question is posted when someone who can help is still deep in dream land. That’s where I was when you opened the thread. :slight_smile:

no it told me that morning I had no license which I do have also they think i have a business so no emails are coming in

we have tried to reinstall it but it didn’t happen

Reinstalling will not make any difference if your license has been blocked. If you are suspected of violating the license agreement, you would have received an email from eM Client stating that. You should have responded as per the instructions, and if your explanation about using it only fer personal use was accepted, then the license would have been reinstated.

So you can reply to eM Client now, and they will assist you.

how do I reply to them I did tell them we were private users at the timr

You may need to email them again.

how do I do that

If you login to the web interface for your email account and find the reply you originally sent. Then resend it.

I didn’t do it my It man tried to get it back & I don’t know what he did he told me I had to sort it this way

You need to reply to the message that was sent to you by eM Client. It is better that you reply to them and explain how you are using eM Client than have someone else do it for you.

Hello Angelina,

In this case you were suspected of using the FREE licence for a commercial purpose which is considered as a violation of our licence policy. We informed you with an email notification but after you refused to answer, we deactivated your licence. If this is a misunderstanding, please contact me at: with an explanation.

Thank you for your understanding.

Hi Russel I did send you a reply did you receive it Thanks Angie

Hello Angelina,

I’m sorry to inform you but I didn’t receive your email. Please try resending it.


I am sorry I didn’t respond to your request as I didn’t realise I needed to or I would have done so Thanks Angie