My mail is not in my folders

My mail is not in my folders. How do I move it into Inbox, Sent, etc?


Don’t understand… once eM Client has the email it will reside in the inbox and/or moved to other folders based on rules. Emails you sent to others will reside in the Sent folder once it leaves eM Client. If not describe in some detail what you are encountering…

I just moved my email from Windows Live Mail into emclient. My mail moved, but it is all in a group above my normal folders. They are all along the left side like they were in WLM, but they are below my actual email name, where my incoming mail is landing. When I click on my ‘Inbox’ folder, below,it is emapy. So are all the other folders. I tried to send a new mail, but nothing toes into the ‘Sent’ folder.I hope that helps?

Darn. Sorry for those typos!

Also, I don’t think my mail is being sent out. I’m receiving new mail, but I can’t seem to Send or FWD any.

Can you describe the folder layout in some detail or maybe a screenshot…?

*All Inboces

  • Unread
    *(my work gmail account, that did not transfer over)
    *My WLM email - This is where ALL of my Incoming maill arrives.)
    *Local Folders
    *Inbox - Where I WANT my incoming mail to go
    *Sent (Where I want my sent mail to go) I do not believe i ability to SEND mail out is working. Only incoming.

That is what my left side of my mail site looks.

Essentially, I have 2 email accounts at work. One is a Gmail, one is a local one. I would like to click on each one, individually, and have those folders WITHIN the email accounts. I’ll be leaving work sone for the day, but if you can think of how to get that stuff fixed, I’d be appreciate it!! I’ll return tomorrow and try to see what may be helped. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!!

I am not able to heelp at this time as I am not sure what is happening in the folder structure presented here. I am a POP3 only guy and only 1 account (actually 2 as I use the Google calendar) and not a clue about WLM.

I hope that others who are viewing this can step in and help.