My Ideal "Menubar and Buttons"

In next version, just to use Menubar more efficiently and speedy operate in Em Client
please consider my Ideal “Menubar and Buttons”

  • Colored some specific Buttons

  • Added extra Buttons to menubar customize list, which I think are  essential :

  • Mark All as Read

  • Read/Unread

  • Previous + Next

  • Delete Trash

  • Delete Junk

  • Hidable Button Texts (gain space)

Thanks in advance…

Hello Yeshua,
thank you for your feedback and posting it on the forum where our developers can consider them.

Though I’d just say that I believe the Next/Previous button would not make much sense in the main toolbar - you can move through the messages in Message List using Arrow keys.
When you open the Message in a new window, the arrows are there for this (because you can’t access the message list from this window, that is why it makes more sense to be there).

Hididng the text and improved Deletion are an interesting idea, we’ll see what the developers think and if other users would find this helpful.


Hello Olivia,
Suppose that you look what has come (in list view, without opening to read in a new window),
let’s say more than 50 mails for exemple,
and you don’t to want to use the scroll bar (or cannot if it’s a thin scroll bar).

In this case the Next/Previous button makes sense in the main toolbar,
and you can see the continuing mail list  without scrolling but just ticking the Next/Previous button.

Yes the lack of Next/Previous button isn’t a deadly thing, but useful for people who used to as it was in WLM.

So it’s a preference, if it’s in the customize list you can use it or not.