my emclient has become very slow as my office gmail account is 4GB in size

i recently upgraded to windows 10.
I am using corporate gmail account.
the account size is big now around 4GB.
when i check the emclient app data
the mail_data.dat size 8.5 GB
mail_fti.dat size is 2.5 GB

how do i improve performance of the emclient.
i really like the interface and want to use it

Hello Arun,
can I just ask which version of eM Client are you running (Help > About section) and if your gmail account is set up as an IMAP or POP3 account?

Best regards,

Hi Olivia, I am using the latest version of emclient, my Gmail is set to imap

attaching the emaclient version 

Hello Arun,
please try installing this release and see if the problem persists >…

Best regards,