My emails go to outbox and to send them I have to restart my computer I'm using windows10 could someone please help me with this problem

Disable your anti-virus/firewall application, then try again.

tried that but it didn’t work

What version of eM Client are you using and what anti-virus application?

What SMTP settings are you using (Menu > Tools > Accounts > SMTP, port and security policy), and who is your email provider?

Thanks for your help I got my provider to unblock my port 25 and when I went into my tools I found that my emails being received were blacklisted so I stopped that and everything works well.

Port 25 is an unsecure option. Preferably eM Client SMTP should be set to port 587 with the security policy set to Force usage of SSL/TLS , but if you are happy with port 25 . . .

thanks I’ll give it a go