my emails download then dissapear

my emails show in inbox briefly then disappear?

If its only happening with some emails, It could be you have an eg: Em Client “Rule” setup to automatically move certain inbox emails to another folder like to spam / junk folder or trash folder etc.

Click on “Menu / Tools / Rules” to check.

thanks, I have checked all possibilities, I am now using Thunderbird which works OK. shame because I liked em client

Ques - Did all your Inbox emails disappear when received in Emclient or only some ? Also do you have a POP or IMAP / Exchange account ?

I have since deleted all ref. to emclient including backups and archives, Reinstalled and is now working ok
some how the backup files were corrupted and on restore the problem came back.
Thanks for the help . 

This means there was some setting in eM Client that was causing the problem.

Yes possibly, but what setting .I had checked all settings but could not see anything .

Just means that what you did with completely deleting eM Client, you also deleted the database that contained some setting that was causing the issue.