My email has failed to connect. A box shows up every time I sign on, what does this mean?

Every time a sign on there is a box that pops up that says: “[IMAP] An attempt to connect to failed. This could be caused by temporary server unavailability or incorrect settings.” I have no clue what to do because it does this every single time. So could you please help me out, thank you so much for your time!

what version of eM Client do you currently use? The issue may be connected to yahoo server settings change.

I have the same issue - and am only trying to access my gmail accounts.

does the problem persist?

yes. Persistent regardless of fixes and autofixes from client.


the new version of eM Client (3.5) will be very soon released. So far the beta is out:…

The eM Client 3.5 have improved settings autodiscovery and fixing. So I suggest you to install eM Client 3.5 and try to add the problematic account one more time.
If the new account works, you can copy the settings to the old one or use the new one instead of the old.

Otherwise make sure your protocol (POP3 / IMAP) is allowed in the mail account configuration and that you have correctly configured firewall.

If these messages get shown only occasionally, you are most likely dealing with bad internet connection or antivirus software malfunction.


Mind to post a screenshot of your IMAP sever setting for Yahoo? There’re some known problem with Yahoo’s IMAP server.

was glomming on to this track. not on yahoo and dont know why anyone would be.

Mind to post your mail provider, ISP? And is the error message similar to original message?

I am getting this error on all my email accounts still and am on version 5.0.18661.0. One email account is my personal one, which is a gmail account; all the rest are my business accounts from google apps.

have you changed any settings recently or did you install any firewall/antivirus? Could you please send us your IMAP logs? We will be able to advise you further then.

Hi George,

Yes, I did change the snyc time to 30 minutes.


do you use by any chance Yahoo? If so then unfortunately all possible workarounds were implemented into newest versions and we need to wait until their engineers fixes their servers.


I have a Yahoo account, but not using it in eM. Actually, the problem went away… I had a problem with my CRM responding weird using Chrome (my default browser) and when I opened the CRM in IE and logged in there, the problem went away for both. Does that make any sense?

it might, but problems don’t go away only by time, something must have been changed. But to find out what would be impossible now.

Please check what you were doing if this issue will ever occur again, this helps point if problem is on users (eM Client’s) or server’s side.