my eM send no new mail out from local folder/Postausgang while he sync in a loop. how can i tell him "send mail first"? account, sync many time in loop, ok bad connection, but never endet. stay, by examole, in a empty folder and sync and sync and… i can not stop him and my written mail are in local folder and can not send. 1.) where can i say him “start first sending mail” and 2.) where can i stop the sync? i found only option "search all x min. for new mails. thx

Hi Peter,
the synchronization should not interfere with sending your emails. Clicking the ‘Send and receive’ should send all the items from Outbox and receive items to inbox with higher priority.
Synchronization happens in loops depending on how often it is set up to check the server.
Or is there any error message concerning the synchronization that you could share with me? Or check the Tools>Operations>Log content and copy it for me here when you feel that the synchronization got stuck?