My eM Client seems very slow to open emails

My eM Client seems very slow to open emails, even existing emails. It seems worse immediately after startup. I use POP3 and SMTP with local folders, not IMAP.

Sorry I can’t give a more technical description but sometimes it’s so slow as to be almost unusable. I have cleared out old trash and sent emails, and have less than 2000 emails in the entire database (none before 1/1/2020), with 11  emails in one inbox and 6 in the other - both slow.

Anybody have any views on how to improve this please?

Are other programs on your computer also slow to open and navigate as well ?

Thank you, but no, other programs seem normal. This just feels like eM Client has got slower over the years since I started using it. It seems a not uncommon problem, but with no clear cut solutions.

Ok. Well i had that same issue when i and my bro had standard sata non ssd harddisks even with the latest V7 builds on Win 10. As soon as i upgraded to a fast SSD (Solid State Drive) EmClient then worked so much faster for us. Also recently with the new EmClient V8 Beta its way faster again.

Thanks - though I’m using a laptop so I probably won’t upgrade the drives.