My eM Client is creating its own messages to 'undisclosed recipients'!! So far I have had hundreds. Please sort this out.

It is doing this every two minutes.

It is very strange - do you have created any rules? Can you please check it?

Sorry, I have no idea what you mean. I not a computer buff!

Have you run a malware scan?

Please open eM Client, go to the menu Tools - Rules and let me know if there are any other rules than Spam and Blacklist.

Not sure if original reply went out but the Tools show two lines, “Spam” and “Spam (1)”

Currently doing a full system malware scan.

For the record, all the “undisclosed recipient” messages have now stopped!!

Two malware items found:

C:\Users\MainPC\AppData\Local\umonqbev.exe - Win32/TrojanDownloader.Zortob.B trojan - cleaned by deleting - quarantined [1]

C:\Users\MainPC\Downloads\ » ZIP » Copy_of_UPS_Label.exe - Win32/TrojanDownloader.Zortob.B trojan - was a part of the deleted object

Hope this helps.


It is not clear from your messages - does the problem persist or is it OK now?

The problem has not re-occurred.
I have no idea why not but it is a big relief!!

Great, thank you for informing me.