My Em Client goes mstly difficult to open.Somwhile i must clicking to 10 times to open my mailnox.What can i do??

Mostly when i want to open my mailbox,i must clicking more times to opening(ca 6-8 times)Thats a little frustrating.What can i do thatfore?Thanks for your answer.

What version of eM Client are you using?

I dont know,where can i see this?

Menu > Help > About.

I found my paper back,and i think it’s the version:7.1.31849.0 Can it be?

Can you download the latest version from then close eM Client and install it. See if that helps.

I’m looking on my computer as you let me know,and i see the version is :7.1.33101.0 

Thanks,but i see many updates.What kind update kan i taken?I’m working with Windows 7 pro-64 bit.

I install the update from the version 7.1.33101.0 that i have on my PC;I will see in the next future iff i’ts better.I let you know.Thank you very much for help.Have a nice day further,Robert