My Em Client didn't collect mail from pop-server

After installing and configuring eM Client with a pop-account, he didn’t collect any e-mail from the server. All the settings were okay and also the diagnose tool gave positive reply’s for pop and smtp. Still I got these dialogbox saying that there was a problem with the pop-server. After several trials, ánd errors, I got the solution. Instead of setting port 110 with a policy “Don’t use secure connection” what was normal in, for example Outlook or WLM, I changed the policy in “Use SSL/TLS if available”. That did the job, but I think it’s not a logical combination with port 110. Maybe Em Client should do something about that!!! 

eM Client usually sets up the account with the settings provided by your server. When that does not work, clicking the Fix button usually sets the correct port and security policy. But, the best option for POP3 is port 995 with Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy). :wink: