my e-mail suddenly looked like a spread sheet and I cannot undo it.

Hello Connie,

Please upload a screenshot with the “spreadsheet” look. Unfortunately, I can’t say now what exactly is wrong.


Maybe they are referring to the set option of Menu / View / Layout / Messages Panel off
The Inbox then has Columns and Rows.

When the Messages Panel is Right or Bottom, the column display is not present.

This issue refers to an Email Column and Row view rather than a List view.

Well, if the problem you are having is not related to the inbox display format when the Message Panel is on or off, then the screen-shot illustrating the issue is going to be needed. 

I am not sure what else could look like a spreadsheet in eM Client.

Hi David, I’m writing in behalf of Connie for the moment.  Your solution worked for her perfectly, thank you for your assistance.  I added the comment so it would show up in a forum search. 

We’re both new to this forum, so please advise if you have suggestions about better practices, thanks…; )