My CalDAV calendar no longer syncs. I just activated the free license.

I sync the calendar (CalDAV format) on my smartphone with a server (Radicale) on my Win 7 laptop.  I installed eMclient two months ago.  They syncing worked great!  Much faster than my old solution (Thunderbird + Lightning).
But after the evaluation period expired, I applied for and was given a free license.  Now the laptop and smartphone will not sync.
It does not appear from what I’ve read that eMclient with free license does not support syncing.

What should I do?

Robert Lowell

Hello, everyone.  It looks like I was in error when I posted this.

My CalDAV calendar on my smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S3 with CalDAV-Sync) is syncing fine
with my laptop using the free license.  The synced event on the phone (I entered it on this laptop) was there.  But I couldn’t see it without changing the calendar view on the phone.

Hello Robert,
thank you for letting us know what the issue was.
Glad to hear everything is working fine.
The FREE license just limits the number of accounts you can have, it should not change any of the program’s functionality.