My account seems to have disappeared. Message 'never synced' appears at bottom of LH panel.

My eM client account seems to have disappeared. When I look under Mail the left hand panel is still showing Mail with all my saved emails in local folders and I also have all my Contacts. However the email Inbox, Draft, Sent, Trash have all disappeared and I have noticed a new message at the bottom of the left hand panel: ‘never synced’. I can still get new emails via BT internet and my mobile phone, just not via my eM Client email on my laptop.
I have checked in Tools/Accounts and there is no evidence of my Email account existing, though of course I had one and everything was working OK yesterday.
The only option offered in Accounts is: New account/Set up an account. Should I go ahead and create a new account? I’m worried I’ll duplicate everything or even lose everything.

If your account is not listed in Menu > Tools > Accounts, then you should go ahead and add it again by clicking on the + icon and following the Automatic Setup.

Thanks for your quick reply Gary. I think your’e right and that’s what I’ll have to do. My only concern is that I might not be able to retrieve my Sent, Draft items etc and I hope it won’t affect my local email folders. Would you go ahead and add a new account anyway? Thanks.

Adding or removing an account in eM Client will not affect Local Folders. If in doubt, make a backup first using Menu > File > Backup.

Adding the account will resync the Sent, Drafts etc. as those are stored on the server. Whatever you can see when using the web interface for your email account should then be visible in eM Client after setting up the account again.

Yes, if the account is not visible in eM Client I would go ahead and add it.

Thank you so much Gary. Problem sorted! I am very grateful to you for your advice.