Must receive and send be automatic?

Until recently I used Windows Mail (Vista), with a POP3 account, and messages were not transferred between local folders and the server until you asked, using “Send/Receive” button.

In eMClient, again with a POP3 account, this process seems to be automatic (while the program is running).  Is there a way to have the program running, but keep manual control over when the transfer occurs, as with a “Send/Receive” button?

I’ve seen references to such a button in the forums, but I don’t see it, or a setting to enable it.

For POP3 there are two settings you need to change to disable automatic send/receive:

  1. Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Synchronization.

Untick these two options to prevent eM Client downloading messages from the server. You will need to click the Refresh (top left) to download messages.

  1. Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Send.

Untick the  send messages immediately  option, then messages will remain in the Outbox until you click  Refresh , or will send on the scheduled sync in point 1 above if you did not disable that.

Excellent, thank you.