MUST fix scroll bar in version 7

This is ridiculous. Typically, you have done something totally non-standard, it is a problem for users, and instead of addressing it you are arguing with people to defend your action. It is nearly impossible to navigate columns by scrolling. This is all we need!! Just stop arguing with users and fix it!!

[Edit] I forgot to say please and thank you. Sorry for not being more civil. Now please fix this. Thanks!

I believe by now you found the thread with the pre-release adressing this with a “hot fix” - the one where a developer said this is going to be solved in a proper way soon. So… :slight_smile:

I did. Thank you! I had asked if this is an actual “hot fix” or would require another several hours of reinstallation. I believe it is the former and should only  install over, rather than reinstall a new version. I’ve yet to see that explicitly clarified, but will continue looking. Thanks again.

It just updates.  Very quick and easy.

Thank you! Just updated, blessed relief.