Multiple Windows / Splitscreen

Without doubt, eM is the best email client for gmail in 2015!

One feature I would love to see is the option to move the functions (email, calendar, tasks, contacts) to other windows. This would be great if you are working off your inbox, and add meetings to the calendar, especially on multiple screen setups. Right now, I have to open every single mail in its window, drag it to the side, switch to calendar in main view, and then add the meeting. The sidebar is not sufficient here, since very often scheduling with multiple people is complex (which is another problem entirely!)

An implementation I could imagine would be another window without the buttons to switch to calendar, etc (lower left side), or simply a “split-functions” layout, even though that would constrain it to one screen only.

Hello, thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider improving this in future releases of eM Client but unfortunately this is not currently on our roadmap to upcoming releases of eM Client.


Too bad for you. That single feature will prevent me from standardizing on this product for my companies.

For any power users with multiple monitors coming from Outlook, this single window limitation is a  drawback. I spent a large amount of time flipping between emails and contacts and calendar. Especially since the contact history pane doesn’t work accurately. 

I agree - the limitation to one window is a significant productivity hit.  Much more efficient to be able to have mail, calendar and contacts open in their own windows

We lost a customer because of this limitation (back to Outlook).  At least Mail and Calendars should have their “own” window.  

eM Client version 8 can open any section in a new window. So you can have you calendar in a separate window on monitor 2, while dealing with your messages on monitor 1.