Multiple SMTP

Is there any way how to add multiple SMTP servers for one account? Thanks.

Unfortunately, it is not possible. How would you intend to use it?

Could you just create a 2nd account with the different SMTP settings and deselect “Include when sending/receiving emails”?

Yes, this might be a solution.

I have the same problem, I had to move between school and home and everywhere I have different smtp … thx

I forget often about it and then my emails not sending until I will notice …

The only solution is to create the same account with different SMTP settings again.

I’m using a single Gmail account for all my email addresses with advanced filters. But when i send mail with one of my different aliases I want to use the specific smtp of the adress i’m using and not the one of Google. This feature exists in Gmail, it would be nice to have it in eM.

We will consider it.

I have the same problem, but using more than one account is more complicated as necessary.

GMAIL is offering individual STMP services as well as Thunderbid is. For me this will be key feature to finally change from Thunderbird to EM Client, so I kindly ask for a solution with more usability,

Many thanks,

Klaus-Dieter Sohn

Just wanted to say that this is also a feature I’m really looking for in a mail client. For now, I circumvented it by creating a full second account for the second SMTP. However, since the IMAP settings for both accounts need to be the same server (i.e., gmail – I want the Sent Messages saved centrally, after all), all my messages show up twice in certain situations (e.g. the list of messages in the contact information), and there’s also some waste of disk space there (though I’ve set the second account not to do offline sync).

Hi, this feature is still not planned. But if you want it then you can make Idea request topic about it and users can show their interest in this feature.


Turns out there already is; let me link the topic for other readers:…

then it is still under consideration :slight_smile: