Multiple monitor creating new email

First, I really like your product.  This is a small problem and it only applies when running on a multiple monitor system.  What happens is when I create a new email, Em Client always opens it on the main monitor instead of the monitor that it’s currently running on.   Thanks and keep up the great work.  

I can confirm this behavior.


eM Client actually remembers the last position where the New message window was opened.
If you move the window to your second monitor and close it, it will open in that position next time.


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that’s great unless you’re on a laptop with a docking station. Then when undocked the new email is displayed in the monitor that doesn’t exist. 

In Windows 10 just right-click on the taskbar and choose cascade. All your off screen windows will appear on your current monitor.

Windows 7. 

It is the same as far as I remember.