multiple mbox import

Hi Yah,

Have been using Poco Systems Barca 2 for years, changed the OS on PC to Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, installed the service pack 1 & ever since then attachments failed to send correctly etc etc, so have decided to try something new.

Is there a way to do a mass mbox import rather than doing it one by one ? Over the years I have a few hundred folders each pertaining to individuals, family etc etc

I noticed that the eml import has “include sub-folders” can’t do that with mbox though but that’s the sort of feature that would help greatly in importing large amounts of mboxes.

This is the only thing that’s stopping me from using the software as I don’t have the time to individually imports nearly 500 mbox folders (counted them all last night)

No, there isn’t multiple mbox import possibility. We will consider implementation in the future.

Cheers for the reply Milos…ahhh well looks like I’ll have to wait until it’s added in