Multiple issues with latest build

I have used eM client (full licensed version) for several months, and have 3 IMAP addresses, 2 of which are run via gmail and one via gekkoit.
I used eM client on 1 office PC, a laptop and a notebook, all of which are powerful PC’s.
I am having several issues with the latest build 8.2.1659 (845a639).
Firstly I keep getting message saying" this operation may take some time to complete" when sending a mail, even when the mail is fully downloaded.
Secondly, I am trying to archive using the auto-archiving set to 180 days and it simply is not working. I have looked at other forum articles and have already checked local folder access is enabled. The reason for wanting to archive is eM has crashed a few times and the database is fairly big and I want to reduce the size.
Finally small point, eM client says it’s not the default client on the bottom of general settings, however it is set on all 3 machines as the default client via windows settings.
I like the client but on the verge of ditching as it’s been driving me nuts the last few days, help please!