Multiple Instances of eM Client. Can it be reentrant?

Could the MailClient.exe allow two or more separate instances to run so that one might be the mail view and one or more the calendar view? The ability to view the calendar when reading email is a time saver; and the ability to drag appointments for one day or week view into another is again a big time saver. I realize that  support multiple windows like Outlook does would be a huge change in the design of the program; but can MailClients running side by side support your internal drag and drop?

I tried starting a MailClient.two.exe; no go. I tried to drop and Excel; no go.


You can not run multiple instances of eM Client at the same time.

However, more people have asked to show e.g. the calendar and the e-mail in 2 separate windows (maybe on 2 different monitors). I guess the engineers of eM Client are working on this idea.

Hi, unfortunately only one instance of eM Client can be run at time, we’re currently not working on multi instance posibility neither the option to view Calendars in a different window, maybe in future releases though.

Hope you can manage to use the current settings, thank you for understanding,