Multiple gmail accounts they have wrong emails in each account

I see where others have had this issue, But I don’t find a clear answer. Just downloaded em client to try it out. I do prefer its workings more than mailbird but cant figure out how to get the emails in the right accounts. Please direct me to the clear answer to this issue.
Thanks, Jeff

When you setup the account using the Automatic Setup, you are passed to your web browser to enter the credentials.

So you need to make sure when using multiple Gmail accounts that you use the correct credentials during the web browser phase of the setup. If you are setting up account A, but in the browser you enter account B credentials, it will display account B messages in eM Client.

I did use the correct account credentials, it would ask me for it as I was setting it up. I will try to delete the accounts and do them one at a time and wait until completely loaded to add the next account.

I get it now I need to change which account the web browser is logged into so that it used those credentials