Multiple Feature Requests


eM rep advised me to post these in a single request. some may have been requested elsewhere or already added, but it’s already a lot of work to build this list over many months.

Request: Tasks? Appointments? You treat them as if they are
the same thing, but they are NOT.

  • Tasks may have a DEADLINE. If my task is past due, i want to be REMINDED of it daily, until i complete the task. I want to see it at the TOP of TASKS.

  • Appointments do NOT have a deadline, they have a DATE. If my appointment is old, i do NOT need to know about it anymore. I do NOT want to see it.

  • If a task does not have a deadline, then:

    • it should be displayed in the Task List, but NOT the calendar.
    • it should be grouped according to priority.
    • undated tasks should be above dated tasks.
  • Dated tasks

    • Should be listed in calendar AND Task List
    • In Task List, should be sorted by date.
    • Dated tasks should
  • Please separate TASKS from EVENTS. Google Calendar items with no date (TASKS) should be removed from Agenda view, and displayed in Tasks view.

Request: If a date/time appears inside the body of a received message, i would like to be able to create an event from the message based on the date inside the message. Please linkify all date/times-- clicking on it will create a new event with that date/time, and the title of the event is the subject of the email, and the description of the event is the body of the email.

Request: There’s no “Remove Formatting” tool, to remove formatting from selected text.
Request: In email Compose window, we need a button to “Discard this message”, which should also delete the draft copy.
Request: Compose window needs a toolbar button for spellcheck.

Request: This popup should last longer. If you don’t move your mouse EXACTLY along the callout pointer, you lose the popup.

REQUEST: Spellcheck should ignore links and email addresses:

Request: Linkify links and street-addresses in popups:

Request: Make version number selectable/copyable in About, so i can paste version number into support forum.

Request: Do not activate Inbox when i expand an account. If my Smart Inbox is active, and then i expand an account, then the Inbox for that account becomes activated. You’re assuming that i want the inbox-- i don’t. I use Smart Inbox for the inbox. If i expand an account, it’s to get to OTHER folders-- stop assuming i want the inbox. Leave Smart Inbox activated when i expand an account.

Request: If I collapse a folder, please do not select it. For example, if Smart Inbox is active, and then I collapse another account, then you select the collapsed account. That serves no purpose, it just takes me away from the folder i was looking at. That forces me to click the Inbox to get back to it.

Request: Add “Insert Image as url” to Signature editor toolbar. Currently, it’s hiding in right-click menu.
Request: In WorkWeek view, do not display hours and days which are not part of my defined workweek:

Request: Alarm notifications should appear in front of all other applications. Otherwise, i don’t notice them.

Request: Add collapse button for left-hand pane, as you already have for right-hand pane.

Request: Use consistent language: either “Smart Inbox” or “Global Inbox” or “All Inboxes”. Use one term for the same thing, not three different terms.

Request: In received-message reading pane, on the Action menu, the “move to junk” item does not give me the same options as the ‘move to junk’ toolbar button in main window (block sender, block domain). Please add that.

Request: don’t mix flagged search with email addresses, it’s confusing and non-intuitive. 

Request: Flag search should be a checkbox in the dropdown:

Request: When i click an .ics file on the web, it saves instead of opening directly in eM. It should open directly in eM, without asking me to save. Other products configure this during install (.pdf, .doc, etc).

Request: Businesses around the world use something called a “Letterhead”, which goes at the TOP of the email. i put my letterhead into your Signature field. You insert a blank line above the signature, which creates more work for me. Then i have to manually delete your empty line, which ruins the center-alignment of my header, so then i have to fix the alignment. Please stop doing that. And/or add a letterhead feature, separate from signature.

Request: When i see all future dates grouped under the simplistic header “Future”, that makes my schedule more difficult to understand AT A GLANCE. It would be very helpful to see quickly what’s happening tomorrow, or any specific day after that. Please group BY DATE, and not just “Future”. I often have multiple appointments on a single day, and it’s confusing when all future days are mashed together in a single group called “Future”. Now i have to go look at a separate month to find out what weekday they are. You do break PAST events out by day, and they don’t need it-- why not future events too?

Request: Please add “Send/Receive Status” to the View menu, so when there’s a problem i can open up the dialog box and see what’s going on.

Request: If i insert an image by url, let me edit the url and % size. (Thunderbird has).

Request: If i copy-paste an image inserted by url into another email, paste it as image-link, not as attachment.

Request: If i copy an image inserted by url into another email, give me the options to:

  • Copy URL,
  • Copy image as url, and
  • Copy image as image

REQUEST: This long snooze-time list is annoying. Give two controls:

  • a number picker,
  • and a minutes/hours/days/weeks picker.

Request: The calendar NEVER starts on Today. It should. Whenever i open the calendar for the first time, and then click “Today” button, the calendar moves to today. It should ALREADY be on today when I open it.

Request: Don’t combine Calendar and Contacts into a single checkbox. They are two separate things, and should have two separate checkboxes. I want my contacts from the account, but NOT the calendar.

  • Request: Show the ENTIRE email address in the popup. This popup is less helpful if you truncate the email address.

  • Request: When i select multiple messages, display the number of selected messages in the status bar.

  • Request: In Agenda view, events spanning multiple days should be listed on each day. It is not:

  • Request: Enable “copy name” of sender, not just copy address:

  • Request: Ability to add many event notifications, w/ selectable email, sms, popup.

  • REQUEST: Don’t interrupt my typing a new message with notifications. Your popups steal focus and i cannot type until i close the popup, or wait.

  • REQUEST: Ability to add more folders to smart folders. Example, one of my imap accounts  contains the folders “Sent”, “Sent Items”, and “Sent Objects” (created in the past by other email clients). I want all three of these folders to be accessible from the smart Sent folder.

Hi, thank you for the suggestions, we’ll consider adding these features to future releases of eM client.


Hi, thank you for the suggestions, we’ll consider adding these features to future releases of eM client.


another one:

there’s no way to flag a message in the preview pane. Yes, i can flag it in the message list, but there’s no way to flag a message in the preview pane. Not inside the preview pane, not on the toolbar, not in the menus. 

Hi, yes this is not possible and currently not considered for implementation, you can mark the message as flagged in the message list, or if you open the message in new window.

Thank you for understanding,

feel free to respond specifically about my several OTHER requests.