Multiple Exchange accounts, import of P12 key files


I’m currently testing eM Client for Mac, used Outlook before. Looks great so far, love the UI, thanks for the great work. I’m working with version 8.2.1478 (856f724)

However, I have some issues and hope you can help me out:

  1. Multiple Exchange accounts: I added my personal Exchange Account and it seems to work fine. Then I tried to add a second Exchange account for which I have full rights (same credentials). Email address and name of the account are detected correctly. But the content of the account is exactly the same as the first one. This is really strange behaviour, how can I add a second Exchange account? Found an five year old issue in this forum about this, is this a known problem? Second Exchange account duplicates first

  2. Key pair import: I’m trying to import my private and public key (p12 file). eM Client asks me for the password and then gives an error message that the PKCS#12 file is not valid or a wrong password is given. But I gave the correct password, i can import the key-file with the same password and without any problems in other applications. Which key-formats are supported?

  3. In Outlook, I can see pictures of people as avatars, taken from Exchange directory. In eM Client, it doesn’t seem to work. Is it supported?

  4. When using Delegation, emClient displays identifiers instead of the clear name of the account. E.g. if I want to view the calendar of another account, I go to delegation, search for the name of the person, but in the result list there’s an entry like “XYZAOE-634543522133”. It’s the correct account, but if I add it, the same identifier is displayed on the calendar view, instead of the name. In Outlook, I can see the real name.

Appreciate any help, in particular for the first two items, which are quite important to me.
Thank you.

Sorry, forget about the questions (at least for me). I’m working for a non-profit organisation. When downloading eM Client, the table on the download page (Pricing | The best email client for Windows and Mac | eM Client) says in its popup next to “Commercial Use”:

Commercial use is any activity that helps you make profit, the Free license therefore cannot be used in company settings or on personal computers for business correspondence.

As we do not make profit as a non-profit research organization, this statement indicates (in my opinion) that I could use the free version for work. Now I read your terms of use:

Business operations means using the software with any account which is not used solely for personal
use. For example, use of any account that includes a domain name (e.g. which is
registered to a business (or any other organization including non-profit or government organization)
that is in any relation with the customer is understood as business operations.

So, I cannot use the free version anyway and will uninstall it after the testing period. It’s a pity I invested so much time in testing, maybe you could clarify the statement on the download page a bit.

Thank you.