Multiple drafts, none removed when sending

When I send an email from a draft, the copy of the email is never removed from the drafts folder.

Additionally, the client also seems to save a new draft at every autosave time interval when the draft has been modified; if I have a draft open for an hour and have modified it 5 times throughout this hour I will have 5 separate copies of the email in my drafts folder, and none will be deleted/removed on sending the email.

I’m running version 7.1.30794.0 with my work IMAP account. I get no error messages on sending drafts.

I feel for you.  I see that as well.  One suggestion was to extend the autosave time so you can complete and send the email before the 1st autosave.  Thats a work around and I, and perhaps you, want it to save often so not to lose any data, but just append or overwrite the existing. Dont create yet another draft and then make me delete them later.