Multiple Contacts

Hello all, I’m syncing my contacts with Google Contacts (gmail), however, eM Client is separating some contacts into multiple contacts, one for each email. Can’t figure it out because it doesn’t do it for every contact with multiple email addresses, just some. Any idea why and how to fix? I’m just starting a trial and really like the app so far but need that resolved. I searched but couldn’t find any posts with this issue. Thanks!!

Well, still looking at this issue but I believe part of the problem is I didn’t even know Google Contacts keeps a second list of contacts called ‘other contacts’ which are apparently just anyone I’ve emailed or interacted with than are not part of My contacts.

They’re getting synced to eM also and I don’t want them to be. These don’t sync to my Mac Mailbox or my Outlook w/Gsyncit. That’s why I’m trying out eM, looking for another client for my windows notebook which will successfully sync with my google calendar and contacts.

Also, lots of my contacts have lots of notes with them. When I look under ‘details’ in eM that info is there but it is all ran together with no line breaks! Virtually useless for notes.