Multiple contact email not being sent

Multiple contact email not being sent. Copy is in Sent folder but recipience do not receive a copy

How did you form the group? I don’t see any information on creating a group and then successfully sending to them.

I have a text file that has the addresses in it and I copy and paste them into the address bar. Simple. This problem occurred a while back when I went to a newer release and I lived with it for awhile and it simply disappeared. As soon as I went to the newest release it returned and I don’t understand why. I had to use my Gmail account to send it out to my golf group. Small test messages work fine but I don’t want to bother my group by trying it multiple times. Was looking for a way to go backa release but it won’t let me and I receive a message that I have a current release. I think I saw a way by deleting the original file then downloading an earlier release but don’t have time to do this right now. Thanks for looking at this.